Sorry, Humanity, we’re breaking up.

We all know, by now, that you should never read the comments.

Apparently, we can’t read the internet at all anymore, because this is an actual, non-satire, not-in-the-comments thing I just read. (Warning: will probably cause instant head explosion):

In the modern context, rape is essentially the act of ultimate validation and a rape accusation is the ultimate act of attention whoring. I’m not supporting it of course, don’t be silly. But think about it. If a man finds a woman SO incredibly desirable that he would throw his freedom, reputation, his whole life away to fuck her, that shows the woman is on the highest echelon of desirability. And in fact, women have begun to routinely accuse men of rape purely for the ego validation that the onslaught of attention brings them. Even though the night before, they gleefully received the gent’s ravishment… Proceed with caution but proceed. And if you can, get out of the Anglosphere so you can relax and get down to business without concern for your freedom. Your penis will thank you.

(Hell no, I’m not linking to that shit.)

The bolded bits are mine, and they denote:

  1. The initial head explosion.
  2. The part where the bits and pieces of my exploded head themselves exploded.
  3. The part where the twice-exploded sub-bits lit themselves on fire and threw themselves out the window.

Never have I been so glad to occupy the nadir of the desirability echelon, which, by the way, is also the name of my about-to-be-formed feminist post-punk klezmer women’s septet. Just so we’re all clear:

  1. Rape is about sex, not power.
  2. Women are missing a valuable self-actualization opportunity to view rape as a self-esteem boost.
  3. Rape trials are the funnest.
  4. Raping women in foreign countries where rapes aren’t prosecuted as intensively is a-okay.

Thank god he clarified that he is NOT supporting rape in instances where he may be criminally liable.

Yes, there were comments on this post. Lots of ’em. No, I did not read them, if only to maintain my tenuous grip on sanity by allowing myself to believe that there’s only one person in the world who thinks this way.

Hey there, men who find this as preposterous as I do: do something about this shit. I’d try, but I’m not coming near these guys without a sword and an iron-clad rape shield law. It’s not my job to convince men that I’m a person.


  1. ****ing hell. I am not easily shocked, Michelle, but this got right in amongst me (as you might say). This is how some men justify their own warped desires. Sexual assault is about sex?! Yeah, in your dreams, man-who-wrote-the-blog-post! ‘Your penis will thank you’ – hmmmm! Not if I get hold of a cheese grater and a couple of bricks, it won’t!
    Thank you for bringing this to the general public’s attention. I am now going to share this with all and sundry.


  2. Unbelievable. The sad thing is that some people really believe this. That it really isn’t satire is just preposterous. I once had a man explain to me that the reason for the degradation of their country was because women were given the freedom to flirt. What? Did you really just say that to me? The funniest part was moments earlier he was telling me how he wanted to travel to the west and I told him they’d beat him in the streets for saying this kind of thing, but sadly that isn’t true. He would probably make some friends there also.


  3. I’m going to take one for the team (Team Sanity). I’m going to find the guy, and declare him so desirable that I’ll have to rape him. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I’m sure he’s just so damn hot, and despite my hetero leanings, I won’t likely be able to control myself. Of course, this is a satirical comment and should not be construed as an actual threat, nor as an acceptance of rape against anyone, not even a lunatic.


  4. Wait… did I just “like” this?
    There is something incredibly fucked up with any way of thinking which validates any non-consensual act (did I just avoid using the rape word?) by some half assed logic that doesn’t even begin to make sense…
    How, in the name of anything, can violent, unwanted, penetration be considered an act of ultimate adoration. What woman would put herself through reliving that loathsome event in court just to validate her self? Seriously?
    Gents, if you ever find yourself so overcome by the desirability of a woman who has the audacity to say no, take yourself in hand! Oh, and, if you ever find your penis thanking you… you probably have an unhealthy relationship with it…
    (Head duly exploded… 😦 )


  5. Peeps, I’m a delightfully married, level-headed, conversationally gifted, good-humored fella with no (um…few?) neuroses, no rap sheet, no tattoos, and an unhealthy infatuation with Wonder Bread and margarine; a statistically bland everyman. I’ve long thought, and once even alluded to the fact in these marvelous King of States pages, that women haven’t a clue what they do to men, quite unintentionally, just by being magnetic and irresistible women. Some women are aware of this. I think most women don’t grasp the scale of the helplessness. This is not a showpiece remark but a fact. The helplessly moronic and anthropologically irreducible sex drive of a man, any man, is not something women can begin to grasp. Our culture has long portrayed rape as an Act of Violence for the simple reason that half the culture (yeah, the male half) does not want to be accurately portrayed as so sex-driven that a man might actually force himself onto a woman for no other reason than that he is helplessly and unstoppably horny. Rape is surely sometimes an Act of Violence, but not by default, I would say. The men who perpetrate it are heinous and by definition evil, but they are not complex bundles of Jungian puzzlement. They are dumb animals terribly satisfying an urge whose explosive power you gals can’t really comprehend. Honestly, ladies. When you sometimes wonder ‘what’s with THAT guy?’, it boils down pretty simply, and even the sweetest guys are chained to this idiot imperative that dates back to the Cambrian. Men are sex-possessed animals when not playing badminton and scribbling flowers on cocktail napkins. The guy who wrote that frank and unnerving rant needs help, but not a lot of help. Ladies, you are powerfully magnetic and we of the opposite sex are more helpless in your presence that you could reasonably suppose. The rest of what that jackass said is simply the boilerplate of a shitheel trying to get a rise out of his readers. No, I don’t endorse rape. Keep up the good work Michelle. You write like an angel. Anyone else who reads this; to paraphrase Kelly LeBrock ca 1980, don’t hate me because I’m dutiful!


    1. There are many problematic things in this comment that I don’t feel like touching just now. Suffice to say, I think my own delightfully married husband would like to beg a whole lot of difference, as would many other men I know.

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      1. Michelle, I too am with your husband (and millions of other logical, responsible, smart men) in this, and would like to join you in not touching the comment from that sex-obsessed pig-headed excuse for a man who would rather blame women for his own self-control (and other) inadequacies, except of course to point out that it is a comment from a sex-obsessed pig-headed excuse for a man who would rather blame women for his own self-control (and other) inadequacies.

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    2. Do not presume to speak for all men with this boneheaded comment. I am NOT a dumb animal and I have no problem controlling myself around an attractive woman. I find your views on rape extremely shortsighted, and, quite frankly, ignorant. Perhaps you should spend some time in a maximum security prison where you WILL be raped and then you can come back and tell us what it’s REALLY like.

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      1. ..uh..yeah. Happy Valentine’s Day, Twindaddy. Congrats on the nuanced close reading, and goodbye.

        ‘Bye, Michelle, and keep up the great writing. Yours is one of the few truly literate and clever blogs I’ve stumbled across.


        1. I wish I could return your congratulations, but your condescension is as unwarranted as your assumption that men cannot control themselves around an irresistible woman. Good luck controlling yourself. Seems it’s quite the challenge for you.

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    3. Woah woah woah, wait a second. You’re telling us that men can’t control themselves, and that’s your reasoning for rape here? Something isn’t firing right in your brain sir, you might want to visit your local psychiatrist and get yourself checked out. Seriously, I’m concerned for you.

      I know PLENTY of men who control their urges for sex. It’s not about a man going back to his primal instincts, it’s about taking what you want, when you want it. The word NO isn’t comprehended. To blame those primal instincts, is just silly I’m sorry. That logic is ridiculous. Here’s the point to prove it, women have those same sexual instincts. I’ve seen women who crave sex more than a man does. Self control is quite possible, and done every day by millions of men and women every day.

      Men aren’t helpless… they aren’t animals who can’t control they’re desires, and they aren’t dumb. Women can understand those desires, because well..WE WANT SEX JUST AS BADLY AS THEY DO! It’s awesome… I cannot tell a lie. BBBUUUUUTTTT *drumroll* we control ourselves because well… that’s how it works. Do you force someone to eat something they don’t like? No, because it’s rude. Same concept, not everyone wants to have sex with me. I know this, and quite frankly I’m good with this. Most men understand that concept too. *gasp* I just ruined your whole argument didn’t I?

      My bad… I’ll try to keep myself from ruining flawed logic anymore. Pinky Promise! 😀

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    4. The thing is, we (women, men, humans) don’t actually need you to explain what rape is. We know what it is and why it happens — there are medical professionals, sociological experts, etc etc whose entire careers are devoted to researching and understanding what makes rapists rape.

      This is not something you personally appear to understand at all, or know anything about, however, so I suggest you read up on the subject a bit before attempting to “explain” it to anyone else, even if those people are ladies.

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  6. I am speechless. Literally. So this comment will probably not be very coherently written. That is one of the most disturbing views about rape that I have read. Jeez. The excerpt in your post reads like some sick kind of satire. I wish it was.


  7. To be clear, King of States! management does not condone prison rape, date rape, or any other “kind” of rape, not even for pseudo-feminist rape apologists. Not even for Republicans, or people who bring McDonald’s onto airplanes.

    (I’m looking at you, 11A and B.)

    Bodily integrity for everyone!

    Carry on.

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    1. Good credo, Michelle! Thx again for the great conversation these many months. Keep up the good blogging and keep brilliantly shining the light around. I hope you are a professional writer in your non-blog life. I’m unfollowing now, but think you’re great. Sorry I stirred the shite (though I sort of revel in it, to my probable discredit) and sorrier still that I painted myself into the rapist corner.


  8. Men who think women enjoy rape or are asking to be raped, or who use men’s sexual urges as an excuse for rape, should all be locked up together in a tiny space for all of eternity where they can discuss the merits of rape and sexual gratification, and enjoy each other’s witty reparte.

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  9. First of all, sorry for barging in on your blog, I have read Alienora’s story and it had left me feeling powerless and in great anger.
    Not only are we actualy raping other members of the society, we are justifying it. For centuries. Cause it’s nice to give violence a “valid” reason right? And the excuses keep getting more and more propostreus. “Sorry, but I just had to rape Mary, because she was so goddamn beautiful. Bashed her skull in, broke her ribs, but it was worth it, my penis is so happy!Don’t jail me, I was just horny, ya know!” – and this person who wrote his post sees nothing wrong with this?
    You don’t get over rape. EVER. At times you think and are occupied with other stuff, but it NEVER goes away. So nice to know there is people out there who believe the whole fucking world and every single human being is here just to catter to their sex organ.
    I don’t wanna break up with humanity, in all honesty, I’d like to shoot it in the head, or myself.

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