The Garden State? More like The AWESOME State.

It’s not propaganda when it’s the truth.

New Jersey: Love It, Or Be SO WRONG.

(You can have that slogan free of charge, Gov. Christie. My gift to you in your time of need.)


        1. Really? You don’t think he did? May I ask why? Do you think that he created an environment in which he “couldn’t” know?

          I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t any emails to or from him concerning the “traffic problems,” but I, personally and without evidence, believe that Christie shielded himself with his attorney and his Lieutenant Governor. Having practiced law for a governmental entity, I quickly learned the importance of never creating a record of certain conversations. I never did so in order to hide illegal activity, but Christie has reportedly told people to “never put anything in an email,” then shielded himself, as if he was aware that the activity was going on, but was ensuring it couldn’t be linked to him, despite the fact that he obviously approved.

          I do believe he is genuinely angry at his staff…because they got caught. Because they didn’t follow the rule: don’t put anything in an email. Frankly, I’m disappointed and I’m a liberal. I kinda liked Christie. I wouldn’t have voted for him, but I appreciated his bipartisanship during the Sandy debacle. It took guts to compliment the President just months before the election. This is such petty stuff, but I know it goes on – particularly at the state and local governmental levels – because I’ve seen it. I left legal practice because of that kind of corruption.


        2. Oh, I totally think he knew. When I said “don’t trust a politician,” that’s what I meant — he can protest all he wants, but I don’t believe it. I don’t know how much of the detail he knew, but he knew there were shenanigans. And setting yourself up to be shielded from the details of shenanigans isn’t any better than just knowing outright, at least not when you’re in his position.


        3. Exactly. Frankly, it makes it worse, because in the process, he has sacrificed his flunkies on the altar of public approval and declared himself a victim. Some people – like psychiatrists – might view him as a bit of a sociopath. Christie’s no victim; he’s a bully. Withholding money from the true victims of Sandy; I’m wondering if the man has a soul.


  1. I still like Christie. A lot. Let’s see how it all plays out. I have to say NJ is a state I’ve never visited but have often romanticized via Philip Roth novels and this and that movie. Seems like kind of a bitchin’ place but I literally have no idea what it even looks like. The whole Eastern seaboard might as well be in the Mediterranean for all I know about it. Though I also recklessly romanticize the Eastern U.S. Is the Jersey Shore a beach-like thing? etc. Clueless. Love it, though, when folks come out swinging for their home states. Rad.


    1. It is indeed a very large beach-like thing. Some of it is overrun with crap, but some is quite beautiful.

      Note a key pieces of New Jersey vernacular: in New Jersey, one does not “go to the beach,” one goes “down the shore.” Not “down TO the shore,” just “down the shore.” A helpful tip from me, in case you ever visit.


  2. Ed.: Redacted! Sorry, but this is a friendly place. Comments talking shit about New Jersey on a blog featuring an image of New Jersey over the words “King of States!” are not welcome. No worries, though: there are plenty of places on the internet where you can trash us!


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