Add Two More To the List

We’ve already established that New Jersey is superior to Australia (home of the fire tornado)(and populated by criminals) and Connecticut (home of misogynist assbags).

Today, we can add two more places to that list:

  1. Mexico, because of the fish tornadoes.
  2. Canada, because of the baby-snatching eagles. Ed.: DEBUNKED! But Canada stays on the list, because they foisted Rush upon the world. 

Here in New Jersey, we hold eagles to much higher standards of comportment.


  1. No place like Jersey! 🙂 If you haven’t in all your spare time ha ha gotten to read my Hudson County Connection. It’s been awhile since I wrote it, but if you’re from Jersey you just get it. I miss that place, and can’t really explain to anyone who isn’t from there.


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