Building teh Interwebz, My Life Is So HAAARD

I am simultaneously so sad that my annual work meetup is over and I have to leave without getting to spend more time with my favorite people and without even having met some people who might have joined my Hall of Favorites*, and so excited to get back to my family, bed, and sea-level oxygen levels.

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Schrödinger’s Brain

My Life Is So HAAARD

Quick Tip: Always Travel with the Sultan

I recently spent several days getting extremely lost and eating many kebabs in Istanbul.

Istanbul can be an overwhelming city, so I thought I’d share a key travel tip for those of you planning a visit: be sure to choose a travel partner who looks like a famous actor who currently plays Süleyman the Magnificent on a popular Turkish soap opera.

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I Am a Fucking Genius, My Life Is So HAAARD

Suddenly the phrasebook makes a lot more sense.

The travel app I downloaded for the trip to Asia I just began offers translations for phrases of questionable utility, like “You seem confident!” and “Is there a lawyer who speaks English?” In my morning Vietnamese practice sessions — I’ve named the fish who live in the water feature on my balcony for the numbers one through eight, and use them to run through basic math in Vietnamese each morning — I’ve not revisited either of these sentences.

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Goings-On, My Life Is So HAAARD

The Great White North

I realize there’s been a lack of curmudgeonliness emanating from this corner of the internet. it’s because I’ve been in Montreal since late June, pretending to be Canadian, and enjoying jazz and their ability to perfectly cook a duck breast.

I took some pictures. They’re over here. You can look if you want.

(I’m back in the States now, and find that my natural curmudgeonly state has reasserted itself undiminished.)