Schrödinger’s Brain

I am simultaneously so sad that my annual work meetup is over and I have to leave without getting to spend more time with my favorite people and without even having met some people who might have joined my Hall of Favorites*, and so excited to get back to my family, bed, and sea-level oxygen levels.

If you hug me, I’ll burst into tears for one reason or the other so: don’t touch me.

Automatticians, you are all the special-est of special snowflakes, and I want to stand out in the snowstorm with my arms thrown open and catch each of you upon my tongue.** Except that sounds really creepy now that I’ve written it out and also like an HR violation, so I will refrain and instead just say: you’re all the best, individually and collectively, and I miss you already.

*I don’t actually have a Hall of Favorites, but if I did, you would totally be in it.

**Possibly I am somewhat overtired and delirious and shouldn’t be allowed to post things on the internet in this state.

Oh, and by the way: we’re hiring.


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