PSA: It’s Not Just the Brazil Nuts You Have to Look Out For

From the “Out of the Mouths of Babes” File:

I was in London last week. While I was on an escalator going out of the Oxford Circus tube station, a little boy was running up the steps of the out-of-service down escalator, because young children have not yet learned to appreciate the beauty that is going upstairs without having to actually climb steps, and he was holding one nostril shut with his fingers.

When his dad — who, being an adult, had wisely chosen to ride the functioning escalator — asked, “What’s up with your nose?” the child responded, without stopping, “It’s so the peanuts can’t sneak in!”

So now random nut asphyxiation is one more thing we have to worry about, to say nothing of the potentially horrifying allergic reactions.

Truly, we cannot catch a break in these troubling times.

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