We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bucket

This is just to say

I have neglected
the blog
that is on
this website

and which
you might have wanted
to read
one day

Forgive me
politics is a nightmare
so cruel
and I keep having to turn away from the laptop every time I throw up in my mouth, which happens roughly every 0.6 seconds or every time I check Twitter, whichever comes first.

My spare energy these days goes into Congressional representative-calling and protest sign-making. Lots of other people are writing brilliant things.

And thanks, William Carlos Williams.


  1. Duane Eugene Kirkland / 1-207 1-308 w/o prejudice.  For record of contact of legal issues , declaratory Question pertaining to the person that made this legal determination. 

    I Duane Kirkland request the name who made the legal determination… so that the mitigation and litigations can and shall be in question. 

    Please forward who made this legal determination, if not i shall file a complaint , and go through the procedures of individual for civil issues , on grounds for the 1st Amendment and the statement of the 4th amendment. Also at  a state violation of the privacy acts that all states have.  

    Thank you spc/Kirkland for the record.  30 days for a response thank M


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