Political Sanity Check (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Great!)

In case anyone is wondering how I’m doing, I went to bed last night right after reading some Trump/Russia political analysis, and then had a dream about being on a plane where the passengers all realized we were going to crash into the side of a mountain. And then the plane slowly plowed into the mountain while we all sat there, and I did not wake up before the crash so I actually dreamed my own death along with the deaths of 300 other people.

So that’s about how things are going: profound horror plus the inability to  even dream a halfway decent creative metaphor. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go start day 63 of Trying To Be a Productive Person While Living With Nigh-Intolerable Levels of Nausea and Rage, and also I have to figure out how I can better help wrest control of a plane.


  1. First of all, “what the entire shit” is my new favourite exasperation.

    Second of all, at least if your dream cliche had been a car you’d have a better chance of gaining control.

    From here in the UK the “entire shit” does resemble a car crash.

    Good luck.

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  2. Was this written before today’s news conference? Because I just can’t with this well placed extreme from last night’s eloquent farewell speech to today’s, “don’t fuck with me with your 1st amendment, you’re fake news hissy fit”.


  3. After watching today’s press conference, I am feeling rather nauseous and enraged myself. My prognosis is that I should start to feel better in about four years…or not.

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  4. I’m still low-key hoping our new headmaster is the Snape of the story. One day, we will look back & name our kids “The Donald,” because we will realize his evil was for the greater good. But probably not.

    Has anyone checked on Obama lately? Trump didn’t push him off of the WH, did he? Someone should check.

    …and we will all be ok. We are in this together. We will figure it out. Lots of love to everyone.


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