Goodbye, Dumple

Felix: he never aged, until suddenly he did, and then he was gone. So now there are no more dogs in my house.

Please indulge me by taking a minute to look at the many faces* of Felix P. Hoenikker, AKA The Best Dog Ever:

He died at home today. It was peaceful, with his favorite people around him and some peanut butter treats, which I suppose is the best any of us can hope for. And right now, that’s not making me feel better at all.

*Okay, fine: there was really only one face, and it’s “doofy.” But cute! The cutest.


  1. Oh my…he was SO cute! So sorry that this was his time to go, but be sure to celebrate his life as a precious gift to you! Perspective can ease pain. Big hugs!

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  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I have seen that thing about them never aging until they don’t, and I think it’s a good way to be. Also, I must admit, that’s one very cute face!

    Sending lots of love your way.

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  3. Oh Michelle, I’m so sorry. Felix really was the best. I’ll never forget how adorable his little “I’m about to eat” dance was or the way he incessantly leaned on visitors because he was adorable and deserved to be pet 100% of the time or how he understood “thank you, that’s enough” (which Francis still hasn’t gotten, he’s got some work to do to be as cool as Mr. Felix).

    I’m hoping there’s a place in the universe where he and Chester are up to shenanigans together, rounding up children and eating chicken. But here, I’m sending you guys the biggest hugs ever. The empty house is the worst feeling ever, but it will get better and Felix was certainly so very loved.

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  4. I am so very saddened by your news. I know this loss is so horrible and non-dog people don’t really get it. There is nothing like the sweet, unconditional love of a dog. Us people, we come with conditions. If I could post a hug, I would. Sending love and healing thoughts your way.

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  5. Oh that is sad. Felix looks like such a scrumptiously cute dog. I know how awful you must be feeling and there is not anything that can be said to make that pain in your heart go away. So sorry.

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  6. Long time lurker (started following you with Thursday night smack down and top chef commentary), but wanted to let you know I always thought your dog was adorable, and I’m so sorry for your loss.

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  7. I can’t read this. I’ve lost many and it crushes me. But I read it anyway. What’s more beautiful than your wonderful dog is the love and connection you both shared. If there is a Heaven, I expect every dog there to meet me. That would be the best. Best hippy vibes.

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  8. I’m so sorry, I feel your loss. I lost my best friend 5 years ago from cancer and I still miss him. He will be with me forever, no matter where I am. I hope Felix is playing with Angus on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

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  9. The Canadian branch of the Felix P. Hoenikker fan club has lowered the flags to half staff to honour the best dog ever. I’m so sorry for your loss, Michelle.

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  10. Gosh, such a hard thing to go through. I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a family member and friend all in one. I miss my girl Stella (Scottish Terrier) all the time, and it will be 5 years.

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  11. I know what its like to lose not only the best dog ever but the best friend you ever had
    ,they are now in a better place is all I try to think about when a I start to feel sad.

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  12. I have two cocker spaniels and even when they get right on my nerves somedays I would not be parted with them. They are part of the family and furniture and when that piece is taken away it hurts. I have sadly seen many of our family pets pass and it never gets easier and some even hurt now to think of. My deepest sympathy to you.

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  13. So sorry to here the loss of your 4 legged loved one. 5 yrs a go we had to put our cocker spaniel down because she wasn’t doing to good. It was very hard choice to make but it was best for her not for us. It does get easyer in time, we are able to talk about her with out tears coming down. She will always be loved and wishing we can have her back.

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  14. Sorry for the loss of your beloved furbaby. Only dog owners understand what it’s like to lose a furry member of your family.

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  15. I am so sorry for your loss. Maybe this was his way of letting you know that you can use all the love you have for him and give it to a lonely pup somewhere who is in need of it.

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