Goodbye, Dumple

Felix: he never aged, until suddenly he did, and then he was gone. So now there are no more dogs in my house.

Please indulge me by taking a minute to look at the many faces* of Felix P. Hoenikker, AKA The Best Dog Ever:

He died at home today. It was peaceful, with his favorite people around him and some peanut butter treats, which I suppose is the best any of us can hope for. And right now, that’s not making me feel better at all.

*Okay, fine: there was really only one face, and it’s “doofy.” But cute! The cutest.


  1. I am sorry for your pain at your dog’s passing. I have had many pets over my life and it is always the worst feeling. My worst loss yet was my dog, Sassy, he was almost 16 when he passed away, and he was the dog that I had in my first apt, dating my husband, and through out my children’s childhood. My husband’s reaction the day Sassy died was, “You are not going to be of any use to anyone today are you?!!!” Of course not, it was like having a piece of you ripped apart. I have a dog now who is 10 and she is showing signs of her age. It is an unfortunate part of having pets that we usually have to suffer their passing. I am so sorry for you. It stinks.


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