If at first you don’t succeed, move back to New Jersey and regroup.

So, remember that time we wanted to move to Italy but it’s a bureaucratic nightmare, so we thought why not move to Amsterdam in the meantime because hey that seems fun, and then we got rid of our apartment and car and stuff and actually did it, and now we’re in Amsterdam?

Turns out that Amsterdam is picturesque and pleasant and fun, but we have decided, after many hours of exhausting, turmoil-laden discussion, that we don’t actually want to call it home. We’re heading back to the King of States while we focus on Plan: Italia and figure out how to get to where we really want to be instead of living in a fun but not-right-for-us stand-in city miles away from all our loved ones.

I’ll write all about this at some point, but tonight is not that point.


  1. I hear ya sister…..5 days in the king of states after 3 years in Egypt. Regrouping and eating a shit load of pizza and pork roll while we figure out the next step. keep on keeping on and you will get there.

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  2. ahhhh – best wishes – we have lived in those ” fun but not-right-for-us” places a few times – but it does end up working out – which I am sure you know….


  3. My dream destination is NZ. Couple of years ago we seriously considered moving there. Just pack our bags and see what happened. No concrete plan. My partner is in IT and I have a medical degree so we reckon we can always find work wherever we are. I don’t know what happened why all of a sudden that dream have been shoved to the back burner. Come to think of it, I don’t even want to consider it anymore now. For a holiday perhaps but living there permanently… no.


      1. My heart is in Milan, but I live in Verona (but I’m planning to move to London this summer!).
        Italians and their bureaucracy, it’s an endless story! You probably have to prepare a lot of paperwork, sorry for that! 🙂


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