Maybe I should re-name this blog to “Things I Shouldn’t Have to Say.”

Dear Wayne Nutnot,

Your “edgy” and “humorous” post about how you are a feminist but find female genitalia to be “objectively gross” is neither edgy nor humorous nor feminist. Attempting to generate laughs by degrading women is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If you’re going to do it, at least do it well enough that I’m disgusted but begrudgingly in awe of your wit. This is a hack job, and you know it. Cheap clicks.

(No, I will not link to this clichéd linkbait disguised as an article. And because I am the bigger person, I will refrain from juvenile jokes about Mr. Nutnot’s name, which are as easy and cheap as his post.)

(Though to be fair, “Nutnot” is an objectively ridiculous name. I’m sure we can all agree.)

Misogyny is not amusing, and we do not live in a post-feminist world where content like this is widely understood to be funny because it highlights insanely retrogressive attitudes to which people no longer subscribe. Misogyny is alive, well, and kills women on a daily basis. YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

Congratulations creating an article that is the Paula Deen Finishing Butter™ of the literary world – a fake, slimy, unnecessary old thing marketed as something fresh. Kudos!



      1. I’ve read his verbal diarrhea now (I hadn’t bothered before my first comment), and I’d have to agree.


  1. Michelle,
    Another piece of writing hiding behind the satire tag that ultimately ends up spreading yet another message of hate.
    Le Clown


  2. Great post, again, ridiculous that it even needs to be written but glad you did! Vagina hugs all round and apologies on behalf of any of the sad, ignorant men writing crap like this.



  3. Wow…I can’t believe I looked that up. After reading the line about “ex-girlfriends” (this is plural right? Probably for a reason) I couldn’t go any further.


  4. Worst Poe of all time. Based on what I read, I think he’s a repressed homosexual. I’m not trying to be funny there. How many times did he extoll the virtues of penises? Sounds like that’s what he would prefer.

    Not a feminist.


    1. Really, I don’t want to inflict him on an particular group. I with there were a way to take people who think this is funny and imprison them General Zod-style.


  5. Who the hell is Nutnot’s target audience? Seriously who would find that funny? Maybe that skeevy guy that runs the pawn shop watching Zed give it to Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction.
    Time for a career change Nutnot. Your funny ain’t funny.


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