A Chicken In Every Pot, Covered in Butter

Finishing Butters, brilliant! Because now the door is open for Starting Butters and Halfway Through Butters and all kinds of In-Progress Butters. Endless possibility! A Butter for every occasion  Truly, Paula Deen is the marketing genius of our age. Or possibly our society’s fatal flaw. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Butter-Flavored Butter (Now with Extra Butter).

Forty acres and a stick of specialty butter: the American dream.


  1. Just in case some poor soul makes it here and doesn’t notice one of the greatest use of tags in the history of tags: “POSSIBLY ALSO SHE IS A ROBOT WHICH WOULD EXPLAIN WHY SHE’S NOT DEAD YET”.


    1. Thank you for noticing my favorite part. My best guess is some kind of flexible armature covered in Finishing Butter, which is then sculpted into the face we all know as “Paula.”


  2. And desert butters, available in a rainbow of colors, or in a rainbow, you know, to give Westboro Baptist a partially hydrogenated excuse for the next natural disaster.


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