Sorry for ruining your special day, other dads.

It’s sweet that people are tweeting and Facebooking and blogging and actually saying things aloud in real life about the quality of their fathers and/or husbands: namely, that said father and/or husband is the BEST FATHER EVER.

I feel a little guilty posting these photos, because exposure to them will likely shatter that reverie.

Perhaps you should put off looking until tomorrow, so that you can enjoy Father’s Day secure in the belief that yours is the BEST FATHER EVER without intrusion of this painful reality: my dad was the best one ever. Turn back now! Save your Sunday!

I know, I know: you can’t help yourself. I certainly don’t blame you. Look at that second photo — ridiculous. Resistance is futile:

Dad, if you were here, I’d fete you with Swiss Miss and screwdrivers.

Sorry, other dads, for illuminating your true place in the dad-hierarchy*.

*That is, third. My father-in-law holds second.


    1. The Swiss Miss in this case is pudding, but as dad isn’t around any more, I’ll give the cocoa + blackberry a whirl (I’m usually a cocoa + peppermint schnapps gal, m’self).


  1. Is that you in that blue coat. That’s a lovely photo. I have a similar one, I am two at the time. Our father’s day in the land of Oz, comes round in September. I’ll be celebrating the best ever dad then. 🙂


  2. That’s awesome that you have the actual best dad ever. I always wondered who it was. Mine is definitely not up there.
    Thanks for following kidz showz! You have great taste in blogs 🙂


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