Where are Nicholas Cage and John Travolta? I DEMAND A REFUND.

So, this is an actual thing that Bloomberg’s Businessweek felt it necessary to publish:

Which business school has the most attractive female students?

It’s in a part of Businessweek called “Face/Off,” which is described as:

…our new social voting game where we channel your opinions about the biggest news stories of the day. Each day, we’ll post a series of simple choices: which is more likely? Which is better? Who’s up, Who’s down, and Who won the day? We’ll ask you, our readers, to cast your vote and tell us which stories matter and which don’t.

Coming up tomorrow: How many gin and tonics would it take before you’d sleep with Sandra, the feminazi bitch from Mergers & Acquisitions who always wears those awful pantsuits?

In other breaking news, Businessweek can bite my ass.

ETA: They wised up an took it down after some well-deserved blowback, but the proof still exists on Twitter. Here’s hoping that someone got seriously spanked over the decision to run this, although that’s probably wishful thinking.


  1. HEY! knock off the pant suit hate, lady. I’m working my ass off to bring that fashion staple back. I mean, if cowlnecks can make a comeback along with the bright pink lipstick/blush combo platter of crap, then pant suits will be lining the closets of all the bestest fashion forward broads in the US of A.


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