I’m Considering Throwing In the Towel

A man with Down’s Syndrome wrote this incredible response to National Disgrace Ann Coulter, who does not deserve this gentleman’s time of day.

He was far more diplomatic than Ann Coulter deserves, and is dissuading me from publishing the open letter I’d been planning on:

Dear Ann,

Eat shit and die.


I realize that my letter is not very effective as a riposte, so I’m just going to go with “What he said.”

Ann Coulter: Making People Embarrassed To Be Human Since 1961


  1. Reblogged this on mccrabass and commented:
    Totally sexist comment coming up: If Ann Coulter was unattractive, no one would give her airtime or publishing contracts. However, since she has stringy blonde locks that are in dire need of hot oil treatment, everything she spews out of her maw is considered golden. Conservative men now have something else to wank their puds to–instead of their old stand-by: Reagan’s Inauguration Addresses on a loop.
    What a horror of human being she is.


    1. On the other hand, Bill O’Reilly is pretty hard on the ol’ eyeballs, and people still listen to him. Ditto Rush Limbaugh. (Although I do acknowledge that there’s a powerful double standard at play here.)


  2. I’m a Republican and think she looks like a muppet. Like many that try to become a voice for many (both parties here…) they become a caricature of themselves….slowly getting more extreme as they look to recapture the buzz that won them fame to begin with.


  3. His letter was fantastic, but I still like yours better. That woman is a disgusting waste of chemical elements. She’s just vile. I can’t think of enough nasty adjectives to describe her with.


  4. I want to hug this guy! I think Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly (who currently has three, let me repeat that, ya know, for emphasis, three books on The New York Times best seller list, forcing me to cancel my subscription and go all Napstery by illegally downloading the crossword) Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of them (we all know who they are) should be forced to endure an eternity in hell or, maybe they should all be required to move to Jersey and teach special education in one of our underfunded schools (Thanks, Guv!). When they are not working in this underpaid and underappreciated capacity, they will be will shunned. Nothing says, “You’re an asshole!” like good shunning. (The Amish got nothin’ on us!)


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