This is the kind of grammar up with which I shall not put.

I was just doing a little housekeeping on LinkedIn and took a minute to browse the people LinkedIn thinks I might know, where I noticed that I may or may not know a whole lot of “strategic communications professionals.”

Which makes me wonder: does the world really need so many strategic communications professionals? Are we going to reach a point soon where lawyer jokes are replaced by strategic communications professionals jokes?

Q: How many jokes about strategic communications professionals are there?

A: Only one. The rest are true.


But then I go and read pretty much anything in the world, and I think, “Okay, maybe I do get it.” Although sadly, a good deal of the crap is actually generated by strategic communications professionals, so it’s really just an infinite loop.

The horror.

Bonus Joke!
Satan was complaining bitterly to God, “You made the world so that it was not fair, and you made it so that most people would have to struggle every day, fight against their innate wishes and desires, and deal with all sorts of losses, grief, disasters, and catastrophes. Yet people worship and adore you. People fight, get arrested, and cheat each other, and I get blamed, even when it is not my fault. Sure, I’m evil, but give me a break. Can’t you do something to make them stop blaming me?”

And so God created strategic communications professionals.

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