Life as Mrs. Spratt

At the end of the day, it’s less about wanting to look in the mirror and think “I’m so beautiful!” — although it would certainly be nice to look in the mirror without thinking, “Ugh, gross” — and more about being sick and tired of dealing with this barrage of shit every goddamn day.

#fatsidestories. Take a minute, read some of it, get pissed off, and never comment on anyone’s body ever again.


  1. Oops. I liked your tweets as WordCamp NOLA. Whatever. I was that same 9 year old at the doctor’s office, dragged there by my mom to “fix” me. Except it kind of backfired. A lot.

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  2. I have a sister nearly 6 feet tall with a face like Adeles. She was a 10 pound baby (not kidding) was always big as a toddler and it never changed. She had her fair share of abuse and bullying but due to her size she knocked the living crap out of people … guys, girls … didn’t matter. My whole family are just big boned and we have a tendency to gain weight. I try to keep it off because the older I got, I started having trouble with blood sugar and things. Honestly, I only was made fun of in school … during and after college I never heard a peep. I don’t get people.


  3. i thank you for introducing me to the tag. i do not tweet, i barely internet. but reading other fat bodies speaking real shit helped me today. blessings.

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