Please excuse me, but I need to go get very drunk and engage in shenanigans.

As part of my job doing things on the internet, I take a lot of screenshots of various websites.

This is the most glorious one I’ve ever taken or will take:


Now that I officially own all my degrees, I’ll be selling them on eBay and using the proceeds to buy a Parisian pied-a-terre. They’re made of the highest quality papers and contain many Latin words. If you purchase one, you have an open invitation to the pied-a-terre for a glass of rosé and a stimulating conversation on the topic of your choice.

It’s raining outside, but dang, this is a beautiful day.


  1. Do you ever worry that there is some piece of paper somewhere, some form you were suppose to have a professor sign or some observation hours you were supposed to do, that is going to resurface? I held on to the craziest academic souvenirs for years for a decade before I got the nerve to get rid of them.


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