I refer you to Fig. 1 in the appendix.

You know how some guy famous for being on a reality television because his family got rich off of duck callers made shitty comments about gay people, received some blowback for it from the network that airs the show, and then everyone got their Freedom Panties in a bunch because OMG FIRST AMENDMENT?! And how that doesn’t have half a good goddamn to do with the First Amendment?

Law enforcement menacing, threatening, lobbing tear gas, breaking out the dogs, and shooting people with rubber bullets when a community tries to gather for non-violent vigils and/or protests is an ACTUAL and egregious violation of the First Amendment.  So maybe the next time a celebrity gets media scrutiny or someone gets disciplined by a private company for saying something ill-considered and your Freedom Panties start to tingle, you could take a deep breath, remember Ferguson, and go on about your business.


  1. The best thing I ever read about Phil Robertson was written by “God” (@TheTweetOfGod): “The Duck Dynasty guy who likened homosexuality to bestiality makes a living helping people trick ducks into thinking they want to fuck them.”

    Spot-on point about what is and is not censorship. For more on Ferguson, you might enjoy my “police call” photo caption, posted this evening. [Parody alert.]


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