Now I’m in San Francisco, but so far I’ve just been napping.

Then I was in Mexico City.

I didn’t think it was possible to get tired of Mexican food, but you know what? It totally is. The pizza I ate when I got to San Francisco last night was ambrosial, and it wasn’t even very good pizza.


  1. While I’ll agree with you that “San Francisco” and “Pizza” are not nearly as synonymous as say “New York,” “Chicago,” or, of course, “Naples,” there are a couple of hidden gem pizzerias in the Bay Area. Next time you’re in town and have a hankering for good pie, head over the bridge to Berkeley/Oakland. We’ve got the Cheeseboard Collective and Zachary’s.


    1. I’ve been to Cheeseboard, yum. Last night I was dead tired when I got in, so I ordered from whoever would deliver to me and had more than one star.

      I’m in town for a bit, so please, share other recommendations (for anything)!


  2. flour + water … on Harrison. Also? I totally miss your commentary on Le Tour de France. I hope your travels haven’t keep you from the lovely sportscasters and their descriptive powresses.


    1. Ha. They have, a bit, but I plan on catching up this weekend — I bought the NBC sports package so I can watching everything online, and am unspoiled. So far, my favorite thing about the commentary this year is hearing Paul’s extended history lectures of the chateaus of France — they’re WAY longer on the uncut live coverage, because they have to cover for Phil’s commercial breaks. Hilariously educational.


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