The Great White North

I realize there’s been a lack of curmudgeonliness emanating from this corner of the internet. it’s because I’ve been in Montreal since late June, pretending to be Canadian, and enjoying jazz and their ability to perfectly cook a duck breast.

I took some pictures. They’re over here. You can look if you want.

(I’m back in the States now, and find that my natural curmudgeonly state has reasserted itself undiminished.)


  1. It’s nothing other than a weird coincidence, but today, for no reason, I started humming the “Great White North” song by Bob and Doug MacKenzie and Geddy Lee from Rush. Just thought I’d share.


  2. Glad to be your newest follower! 🙂 Beautiful writer you are and from the North eastern area myself; (formerly of Long Island, NY– currently residing- for past 15 + years Connecticut shoreline! Love your writing-Im new but Im learning- thank you for your help!!


    1. If you forget, we are all doomed to repeat it. Although it was wise not to type the full word, because I heard that it you type it out three times, they show up in your living room to play a double set.


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