Why is this even a thing I need to say?

Dear Gentle Readers,

If I happen to write a post about Your Pet Topic That I’ve Never Shown the Slightest Interest In Before — unlikely, but I suppose not outside the realm of possibility — then please, leave a comment about Your Pet Topic.

If I write a post about ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD and you leave a comment that says, “Boy, that’s an interesting topic, as interesting as Pet Topic That You’ve Never Shown the Slightest Interest In Before! Let’s talk about THAT!” and you do this repeatedly, on post after post, then prepare to be deleted.

Also, prepare for me to get really annoyed and post twice in one day to vent my spleen.

You may be a real person with a legitimate blog, but you’re still spamming. This is perhaps not your most effective tactic for awareness-raising and traffic building.



Say it, don't spray it.

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