Apparently, this is a thing I do now.

wordcamp montrealThis is a thing I do, where I stand up in front of groups of people and pretend to be knowledgeable about things.

If you’re in Montreal, you should come: I can be funny sometimes, and because I have a crippling fear of public speaking, there’s always the chance I will behave in some inappropriately hysterical manner. Educational AND a great schadenfreude opportunity!*

*Self deprecation aside: it will be awesome. Plus, if turnout is low, I’ll probably self-medicate by binging on poutine. And I really don’t like poutine, so please don’t drive me to that.


  1. Michelle,
    I hope you’ll make it to the west coast sometime. I promise not to heckle!
    If you come to Seattle in July or August you have a 30% chance of staying dry! Make it happen!


    1. Tragically, WordCamp Seattle is this coming Saturday.

      Okay, that’s not really *tragic* — it will, in fact, but a lot of fun and feature tons of cool people. But none of those people will be *me.*


      1. Equally tragic is that WordCamp Seattle is sold out; but I’m on the waiting list. Guess I’ll have to head east next year to see you.
        Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Can’t wait to hear you! Maybe even this eternal “I love my site but it’s devoid of content” non-writer will learn something or two or three!


      1. That’s fine if you want to, but… You might lose your audience if you do that, I’m not that interesting 🙂


  3. Anyone that can use the word schadenfreude correctly in a proper sentence is worthy of teaching others. I had a teacher in high school that made us choose random topics from a hat and then stand up and give a three to five minute ‘talk’, without notes, without preparation. The first one I drew was ‘snow’. I hated him…but only for a while, because it was a fantastic exercise in thinking on your feet and learning how to find your own comfort zone in front of others. You will be great.


  4. LOL on the poutine. I learned the hard way that you need to say “No thank you” to a friendly, garden variety Canadian before they will believe you fer real don’t want poutine. Good luck with the talk!


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