Three Questions, Lockdown Day 39

1. Remember what it was like to not spend a minimum of 51%* of your energy managing the constant vacillations between chest-tightening anxiety and numbing existential dread? Me neither!

2. I read a Dan Brown book to pass the time last night; is there a surer sign that I am in an emotional ebb tide?**

3. Have I been underestimating the musical talent of the Jonas Brothers? I’ve been watching The Voice and crying every time someone sings something beautifully, and that Nick seems to have a good head on his shoulders even if all his pants appear to be two sizes too small. (Auxiliary question: Why can’t I ever remember the name of the third Jonae, the one who’s not Nick or Joe? I want to say Frank, but I don’t think it’s Frank.***)

* On a good day! And this is on top of any non-pandemic anxiety and dread.

** No. Dan Brown is always a nadir.

*** Don’t tell me. I kinda enjoy the mystery, and I’ll take my pleasures where I can find them these days.

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