A List of Things I Have Been Right About Recently

With citations! This is not some fly-by-night operation.*

1.  Hotel California is a bad song. A bad, bad song. This has been confirmed by a minimum of two other trusted tastemakers. Hotel California haters, be ye not afraid to speak out, for you are not alone.

2.  They were laughing with me, not at me. This has been confirmed by someone who was (1) alive at the time and (2) not seven years old.

3.  It doesn’t actually matter any more. This has been confirmed by me and the self-awareness engendered by many, many years of therapy.

4.  Of all the instrument-players in any given band, the bassist is both the most reliable and the hottest. This has been confirmed by my husband.

Everyone who has said exceedingly kind things to me over the past week, know that the cockles of my heart have been duly warmed, and I’m saving up the warmth to get me through the depressing farce that is the upcoming end of daylight savings time.

* Blogging, I’ve missed you! I think I’ll do you more often.


  1. “Of all the instrument-players in any given band, the bassist is both the most reliable and the hottest. This has been confirmed by my husband.”

    I can only confirm this for bands in which Michelle is the bassist.

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  2. “Hotel California is a bad song.” Is it, though? I mean, it’s easy to sing along to. And make references to in everyday life. I may have to respectfully disagree with this one (and only one!) point. All other points I wholeheartedly agree with!


    1. This is one of my ideological touchstones, which are: feminism, social democracy, the importance of naps and dogs, and the terribleness of The Eagles.

      You are still my favorite, though. (And I would still sing along with Hotel California if it came on the radio.)

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      1. You are my favorite, too! And knowing what I know now, if we were together, and an Eagles song came on the radio/iTunes/Spotify/Pandora, I would immediately skip it and we could sing along to something else.

        Also, “Here’s a fish!” 🙂 That picture makes me happy, too!

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  3. 1.Kokomo is also a bad song. A very very bad song. I’m not ashamed to say, I could never really get the Beach Boys sensation. 2. After the season was over and we had won the championship, my eight-year-old self was self aware enough to ask my dad and confirm that I was indeed by far the worst player on the team… but he said the coach liked me cause I was willing to play defense on the crazy hyper kid on the other team. 3. When I moved to India ten years ago, friends told that it was the first time they’d seen me smile. When I came back to the US a couple years later, a friend told me that I was still an asshole but way more funny. 4. The drummer always makes the best friend. Guitar players are selfish, singers self absorbed, bass players apathetic, but the drummers are grounded… I play guitar (but rhythm not lead, so I’m aware of my selfishness…)


    1. Kokomo is also a bad song.

      This is 100% correct.

      bass players apathetic

      This is 100% incorrect. What looks like apathy is actually what it looks like to live deep in the pocket.

      Drummers are the best, though, and I’m totally not just saying that because I also play the drums.


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