I can’t wait to see what happens next! Oh, wait… yes I can.

Did you have a day where it seemed as though everything you did was either wrong, or stupid, or shitty? Are you ending your night feeling like the world’s crappiest person?

If so, please come over and join my pity party. There is bourbon. I don’t like bourbon, so someone has to drink it. Thank you and good night.


    1. No need, the person above you has kindly offered to drink the bourbon for all of us! But I appreciate you 🙂

      Honestly, most days are so good, that I think I just get out of practice dealing with the bad ones. Aaaand, now I just jinxed the rest of my life.

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  1. Ending more than half of my nights with the same thoughts on my mind….truly puts a damper on my feelings!!


  2. I definitely have been experiencing this as of lately. Seems like all my nights have been having this effect lately and to make matters worse I took a “mental health WEEK” from work as if that would make me feel any better but of course I feel even more like a useless crappy human being.


  3. I have been experiencing this lately, too. It seems that we belong to the same pitty party ;-).
    By the way… I´ve nominated you on my web for the Versatile Blogger Award. I´ve mentioned writers and people who have much to share. (I´m Argentinian and my main readers are Spanish speakers, but we all speak and read in English).
    I hope many more readers come to your pages here :-).
    Congrats! My infinite hug for you.


  4. Hah, thank you for coming right out and saying what many of us think and are too “polite” (aka hanger-in-mouth-syndrome) and/or apprehensive about fessing up. How is it that, even as adults, you can have such an emotional roller coaster that leaves you high and low without, it seems, any steerage?


  5. I have been having “one of those days” for 384 days straight, 180 of which, are from when I retired from the Army in September. The other 180 were those leading up to my retirement . Thank goodness for McCallan 18yr old Single Malt.


  6. Uggh I have one of those days at least once a week when I am exhausted, sleep deprived, haven’t had my morning coffee, and don’t know what the hell I am saying half the time, or what I am doing with my life. I must say, I do love your blog. You really do have a way with words. Looking forward to reading more of your work and I hope your day gets better. I would appreciate it if you can take a look at my blog while you are at it and give me some feedback.


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