When good things happen to bad people.

I’m working at my new afternoon coffee shop working spot, which makes a mean iced latte. But I think I’m gonna take a break in a while and go to the beach for a bit, then maybe have an ice cream cone while I take the dog for a walk along the lake. Because I can do that, because the ocean beach is four blocks away and the lake is in my backyard. I LIVE ON VACATION.

I literally have no idea how things ended up like this; truly, there is hope for anyone.


    1. Thanks! I’m excited to finally be here. It’s pretty great, and the dog already knows half of the town (he’s a lot better at making friends than I am).


  1. I was down there a few weeks ago shooting at a few places right around the corner from you. Wish I’d known you were there; it’s about time we finally meet!


    1. Nice! I think I saw a photo or two on your IG feed. We just moved in Wednesday, so we haven’t been officially living here for a week yet. (Also: totally agree! Come back!)


    1. Asbury Park, New Jersey. And yes! We have a pretty sweet loft that’s actually great for co-working 🙂

      Well, it will be once we get a big dining table; that’s tomorrow’s project!

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  2. Well deserved I am sure. 🙂 I recently started working again, from home, but I don’t quite enjoy the fringe benefits yet, with always at least 2 kids at home at once. (I have 4 of them!) Someday I will truly enjoy sitting in a coffee shop “working”, for now sitting at my dining table is almost as good. 😉


  3. Ha! That sounds amazing. I’m pretty stoked to be right near Mt Shasta for now… But just the other day, I thought to myself, “the only other place I think I could be this happy is Asbury Park!” Maybe that’s next?
    Enjoy the good life 🙂


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