Roam if you want to.

The Netherlands has accepted our residence applications, so I can stop worrying about those one-way plane tickets or the non-refundable Airbnb sublet. It’s official: I’m moving to a place I’ve never been before and where I don’t know anyone, and I am so, so excited.


  1. Brave and exciting. When we moved to the UK, a friend who’d moved from the UK the Australia warned us that the first year was the hardest. At the time, it didn’t seem that way. When we started running into first-year problems, I was glad to have been told. It let me know things would get easier. As they did.

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  2. Yay!!! So excited for you. Can I admit something? I LOVE packing up and moving someplace I’ve never been. I love that process of settling in, getting to know the local culture and the local people.

    I am of the firm believe that every place is beautiful and every place is awesome. Some places take more work to find the awesome than others, but it’s always there.

    At this point in my life I’m staying in one place to raise my kids and let them have stability, but once they’re older …. who knows?

    Have fun!

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  3. I didn’t know you were half Italian! Anyway, northern Europe…Awesome. I couldn’t stand Amsterdam more than three days in a row, still it’s a great city. Best wishes!


  4. Hi, keep on living your dream and keep on carrying us along. I am enjoying your updates, it is a great way to enjoy the adventure with you. I am so excited that you are doing this is for all of us who have chosen to come along with you on this discovery expedition.


  5. As they say in Cape Town “Go for it ma mate”, travel as much as you can, explore new cultures, food and wine. I went to South Africa on a two year contract and ended up stay in Africa half my life from Malawi to Angola, and every country south. Mozambique is amazing, a town called Ponto Do Oura, used to be you could not get there unless you drove 4×4 now they’ve built a road into the town and now it’s full of bleddy tourists. But travel forever. I am back in Scotland and trying to sell my books so I can get back in the saddle. NEVER GIVE UP.


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