I am shocked at Buzzfeed’s lax editorial standards.

There’s an article on Buzzfeed at the moment about the improbably-named Benedict Cumberbatch, who appeared in a fashion magazine wearing a t-shirt declaring, “This is what a feminist looks like.”

(Yes, I sometimes look at Buzzfeed articles that have been shared on my Facebook wall. Yes, I still use Facebook. Shut up.)

Apparently, when shared to Facebook, the link appears with the headline “Benedict Cumberbatch just made every feminist’s dreams come true!” I might gently suggest that this headline indicates a severe — willful, some might say — misunderstanding of feminism and its dreams, insofar as feminism is a monolithic entity with a single set of dreams, which it is not, but I don’t think Buzzfeed is prepared to grapple with that level of nuance, and also some of us don’t understand the Cumberlove anyway.

Whew! I need a breath. Also, please note that the current dreams of some feminists include a good ham-and-cheese croissant and a massage.*

Anyway: Just a thought.

*Not necessarily at the same time, but some feminists will take what they can get.


  1. Well, I love Benedict and I’m a feminist, but only an idiot would think all feminists love Benedict. Or all women. Or all people. Oh, and pretty sure most people who say they don’t use Facebook anymore are lying.


    1. Yeah, didn’t I read an interview where he complained about growing up rich? Something about how hard it was to grow up “posh” I think he said.

      Anyway, I never liked him. I don’t like him a little bit less now that it appears he’s a feminist, but still, I don’t like him.


    2. I don’t really have feelings about Benedict Cumberbatch, other than not really finding him personally attractive and thinking his name is deeply comical. But it was surprising to learn that feminists’ dreams are centered on the approval of some random dude.

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  2. I’m a feminist and I have no strong feelings one way or the other about Cumberbatch, or ham-and-cheese croissants. I do however really want that massage!


  3. My primary interest in Benedict Cumberbatch is making up new names for him – Bendywinks Clusterflaps, Bangalore Cucumberpatch, etc etc – but I’m happy for him if he has found his way to feminism. The more the merrier. But if we want to talk about feminist dreams, this feminist is up for that massage. Who knows, maybe even Bobblehead Colapops over there would like one too.

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