Forbes Errata

Dear Forbes,

There was an egregious typo in a column you recently published on your website. In the forward-thinking and insightful piece “Drunk Female Guests are the Greatest Threat to Fraternities,” you accidentally spelled “Entitled Sexist Frat Brothers” as “Drunk Female Guests.”

I see that you’ve since removed the article, presumably while you identify and correct the many other misspellings in the piece, like the one where the author accidentally spelled “rape” as “false accusation of rape months after the fact triggered by regrets over a drunken hook-up, or anger over a failed relationship.”

You’ll probably want to give the copywriter who worked on the piece a stern talking-to. Also, Google Cache. Whoopsie!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Editor

ETA: Google Cache version now gone as well, because ain’t nobody’s internet needs that crap on it.


  1. This past May a girl in my town was sexually assaulted by several boys at an after prom party. It’s a real “Friday Night Lights” kind of town. Small, southern, state champion football, etc. Anyway, when the sheriff held a press conference after the boys/men (all 18) were arrested, the press asked a dozen questions about alcohol, how much, what kind, where did it come from, who’d been drinking, before they ever asked about the condition of the girl/woman who’d been assaulted. It’s unreal. Alcohol doesn’t lead to rape, rape culture does. The Forbes article sounds like another classic example of the mentality that sustains rape culture.


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