Also not appropriate: spam from “Women Against F-Bombs.”

To whoever’s in charge of viral marketing at the toy company that just left a bunch of spammy comments here: your work is, perhaps, slightly misdirected. Although I don’t doubt that many King of States! readers enjoy a good plastic dollhouse, there are likely other blogs where you could more profitably focus your spammerfic efforts.


  1. There seems to have been a real spate of the weird, the nasty and the downright egregious recently, Michelle. I have noticed this on mine. I haven’t received the inestimable offer of the plastic dollhouse – YET! – but am sure it is just a matter of time. On a tangentially related subject, I do wish the blighters, whose efforts (for want of a better word) come up on my top search section, would learn to spell: I am quite sure that the membrum virile has only the one ‘e’ and is, as far as I am aware, completely lacking a ‘q’, silent or otherwise.
    Call me pedantic…

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