Do you drop a deuce in public whenever you feel like a taking a shit? I’m guessing no.

Half the time when it comes to being raped by a stranger, the woman knew something was wrong but didn’t run because she didn’t want to be rude or overreact. If society has managed to socialize out of us our most basic root survival instinct for something as trivial as the appearance of politeness, it can sure as fuck socialize men out of raping.

Preach, Urello.


  1. Absofuckinglutely, Michelle. I knew there was something wrong when the guy who sexually assaulted me approached – but, years of good manners, and being taught not to go on appearances, stopped me from getting the hell out before it was too late.
    The so-called NEED to have sex is a choice, like any other choice; the desire to take anyone – man, woman or child – against his/her will is more akin to violent burglary than sex.
    The man who grabbed me had hatred, and not desire, shining from HIS eyes.

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  2. Just playing devil’s advocate here, but you said “half the women knew something was wrong” (my guess is it is more—full disclosure my wife was date raped) so aren’t they already socialized? I don’t think you can blame society in general. If you want to blame society then we all need to start back hunting for our own food, making our on clothes by hand, not using technology at all. That will bring back those survival skills for you. I’m a man and I know not to rape you and I don’t. This is not a rant, just bringing a different perspective.

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