I think we need to clarify basic definitions before we continue this conversation.

Let’s leave aside the terrifying image of hordes of babies with assault rifles, shooting up the joint every time they don’t feel like taking a nap or are not allowed to have another cookie.

If they are babies? They have ALREADY BEEN BORN, and thus, were not aborted. I mean, I guess the armed babies could form some kind of vigilante group to terrorize abortion clinics and attempt to stop future abortions, but that’s a whole separate issue.

I will not unpack the many, many other problems with the idea of a fetus shooting its way out of the womb, because I don’t have that kind of time.

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  1. That is bizarre and could have only been written by a man who has not experienced child birth. it sure as hell felt to me like my kids were launching a full scale Navy Seal assualt on me when they came out. Still, what was he thinking? If deer had guns they’d shoot back? If Steve had a brain cell it would be lonely? The possibilities are endless.


  2. That is one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read. I mean, what won’t these idiots say. What’s really sad is that steaming pile of bullshit was retweeted 353 times and favorited 86 times. There’s a lot of idiots out there that agree with this idiocy.


    1. It could have been retweeted by people with a “Can you believe this??” tone – I live in hope. There’s not much I can do about the 86 favourites, though.


  3. Senseless catchphrases boiled down to an understandable level for the morons who already checked common sense at the door.
    Why is it always necessary to divide into two camps? Is it so people won’t have to think, just choose a side?
    Nothing is that simple, but some people are very ignorant; like knucklehead Steve Stockman.


  4. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait-uh-minute. The visuals, guys. Zoom in: a pinky-peach shrimp-looking thing cradles an AK-47 (god it’s cramped in here), aiming it in the rosy dark down a black tunnel toward-a speck of light! A round in the chamber! Pull back the camera shot–there’s the target! A pimply-faced OB resident from Iowa! Fire in the hole! Uuuggghh, got him! Now what?


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