If you don’t see me around, just call into the void.

I was eating a cold leftover egg roll while investigating a raw juice cleanse, and then I disappeared into a vortex of cognitive dissonance. Tell my dogs I loved them.


  1. That can happen. I shall through you a buoy of mental stability in the form of Seinfeld reruns. I mean, what is the deal with aeroplane food… ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I am not sure I will be allowed to comment..but.. I am a LONG time reader- thank you!! for soo many funny and hilarious posts here and on TNSD (is that how it is?)
    I am starting a raw juice cleanse tomorrow (after many cocktails and BURLESQUE! tonight), probably a not wise logistical combination.. but we’ll see. Sometimes peer support helps? Call me


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