Too soon?

Tweet that I posted during a brief interlude of cell service on Monday night, immediately regretted, attempted to delete unsuccessfully, and forced my spouse to waste his precious cellphone battery signing in to Twitter as me to delete because he still had some 4G:

“Hurricane in full swing. Hope we’ve remembered to lock all our black neighbors in Giants Stadium with no other plans to help. #BushStormTips”


  1. I’m glad you haven’t been washed away. You are the second of three people in JC I was worried about. Not that I *actually* know you or anything, but, you know, even on the itnernetz, I worry. That material is golden, btw.


    1. I didn’t have the balls to tweet this, but did wonder if people who voluntarily moved to Staten Island *really* wanted to be rescued. Isn’t moving there a sign of giving up?


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