They’re Like Jews for Jesus, But Without All the Jewiness

It’s recently been brought to my attention that there are “Feminists for Romney.” Apparently, they believe that a government attempt at uterine colonization is a fringe issue that detracts from the more pressing problems of a sagging economy.

To these people, I might respectfully suggest that it is perhaps a bit shortsighted to think that women’s reproductive choices are not an economic issue.

I could suggest that in a much less respectful manner, so don’t force my hand.


  1. No one should have ever been allowed to legislate the murder of another, no matter what your size. That is age discrimination in the truest sense. Women know what to do with their bodies and murder should never be used for birth control, period. I believe in saving peoples’ lives and in rape, as sad as that is to end a life, no one should have to endure a rape and then have to carry the monster’s seed for 9 months. Just my humble opinion.


  2. Interesting contradiction there, @Po’ Girl. Between women know what to do with their bodies and your claim to ageism, i.e. murder is murder at any size, lol. Something I have always found interesting in the debate over control of our bodies, is that the debate tends to go the moralistic approach – When does life begin? Is it murder? Murder is wrong, etc etc. Instead of questioning the question itself: what strange historical development has led us to have a state question the morality of what we do to our bodies and how has it become a question of morals when access to abortion, knowledge of birth control, and other nifty things we can do to our bodies, was once in our own control and not that of doctors or the state?

    If we begin to dig into history we see that as women’s bodies became a tool under patriarchal and capitalist development to be the baby-making factories, and women were pushed, violently, into the home. When P.G. says, so eloquently, “women know what to do with their bodies” well, you are wrong. We once had the knowledge of self-inducing abortion and much much more, but much of that is lost to us now. And the reason this control to your bodies is such a threat today isn’t because of the moral question “to kill or not to kill”, but because allowing women to have these choices opens the door to women controlling their place in society. If we stop being baby-makers, capitalism and patriarchy lose a very important function in society. Who will create, feed, and care for the future workers of our world? How can they exploit a population based on race and gender and class if these are the women who would be gaining access to what happens to their bodies?

    And here we find an answer to the question: why is what I do with my body up for debate?


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