Just To Clarify

You want to curtail my right to control what happens inside my personal uterus because once upon a time ten years ago, you saw the grainy outline of a pulsating bean on a tiny television screen.

Got it. Thank you for the compelling scientific data.

I assume this bodes well for my personal policy recommendation that we abolish public libraries because when I was 19 years old, I almost hit a Basset Hound with my car on the way to a library. Okay, it wasn’t a library, it was a Waldenbooks, but they’re out of business now so libraries it is.

What? It’s like you WANT puppies to die. You disgust me.


    1. crap. I forgot to ask you if I could reblog this. I apologize for not asking. If you want me to remove it from my blog, I will. And next time, I will mos def ax you first. Sorry.


  1. I’m fed up….They want to criminalize abortion because apparently the feeling of total alone, along with the 1,000,000 things that might be torturing you or breaking your heart from the inside during whatever your situation aren’t enough of an ordeal. They want to add shame and jail time (your abortion part of a public record?). If any of these so-called right-to lifers and personhood nuts or the Church really wanted to prevent abortion they would work to prevent pregnancy. Anyone committed to preventing one more abortion wouldn’t picket abortion clinics, commit violence and MURDER DOCTORS (none of which makes a dent in the total number of abortions) instead by now we’d have health classes taught every kid every year they’re in school and contraception would be available everywhere, and FREE. Please. This is the GOP pandering to a vote they can seduce with disjointed thinking – making something illegal doesn’t prevent it. It just adds a punishment and a huge administrative cost (AND courts, jail, police….). As in MORE GOVERNMENT. Sadly the disconnect includes 2 different definitions of smaller government. The GOP voter hears “less expensive,” the GOP campaigner really only means “less oversight over me and my pals.” But don’t get me started…..


  2. Hi Michelle! I came over here on Jules’s recommendation. LOVE. THIS. I was screaming at the television tonight when he talked about that. His line of thinking (if you can even call it that) is horrifyingly stupid. Thank you for so clearly pointing out the insanity and inanity of his logic (if you can call it that).


  3. Michelle,
    There are so many jokes that are popping up in my mind about “uterus”, but unfortunately, I don’t know what the word means.
    Le Clown


    1. on the other hand, there’s no room for a fetus to gestate when your uterus is full of jesus, so that would definitely cut down on the number of women seeking abortions.


  4. You’d think that in 2012 this would no longer be a topic of political contention… Sad, eh? You are funny Michelle and I had no idea you have a blog. Glad to have stopped by… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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