Raised By Well-Groomed Wolves

I get on a flight from California back to New Jersey about eight hours from now. As long as I don’t have to sit next to a woman who thinks giving herself a full pedicure is appropriate in-flight behavior this time, it should be fine. The dead foot skin cells you just sloughed off with a pumice stone should NOT be free to move about the cabin.

I already miss my fellow Automatticians, but the pull of New Jersey, she is strong.


  1. sounds eerily familiar. when I flew back to chicago from LA, i sat next to a woman who could not stop farting. oh and her evil spawn was in front of me and he insisted on pushing his seat all the way back into my lap. He had nice hair plugs too!
    When I offered to switch seats, he scowled “I don’t want to sit next to my mom.”
    “Sweet.” was my response.


  2. I’m from Union City, NJ and understand the pull all too well. My heart still hurts to think of all the devastation out there. 😦 Oh, and I tip really well when I get a pedicure because feet are just nasty, and there’s no way I could do that for a living!


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