Physical therapy: a place where you go and pay people money to force you to move about in ways designed to cause pain to your injured joint, so you can return home and resume sitting still so as not to cause pain to your injured joint. Makes sense.

There are electrodes and gels and many unidentifiable apparati. I think the physical therapists might be evil wizards, though it will take six more weeks of twice-weekly visits to be sure.


  1. I am a speech therapist, and all my coworkers are possible evil wizards/physical therapists. And they’re great people, but they drink ground up kale and lift weights during lunch. Speech therapy is where it’s at. Get your doctor to change the script, then have your speech therapist write a goal about “written expression” so that you can blog during treatment. It won’t decrease joint pain, bug it shouldn’t exacerbate it, either. Hope you feel better soon.


  2. When I did PT for my back a decade or so ago I remember wondering if I was actually being treated or just in a torture device skunkworks. My treatment included: yanking on my leg really hard and getting zapped with electrodes.


  3. How ironic. I felt the pain of sciatica shooting through my right leg as I hovered, hesitated, and then clicked the like button. I hope your knee responds well to the dark arts, Michelle.


  4. Sorry to hear about the shredded MCL. Did my ACL in a few years back and got to go through a similar experience. Apparently it was good pain though. Plus, I got to control the evil wizard’s electrode dial for a bit. You can’t begin to understand how much juice I could put through my knee without it setting fire!


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