I even snuck in an em-dash; so there.

This thing that I edited is in an actual printed magazine. You probably don’t have a subscription to the Harvard Business Review so you can’t read the whole thing, but you can trust me: it’s really good, and packed to the very brim with correctly-deployed semicolons.

(via ma.tt)


  1. We’re beginning to ramp our team … and I dread slogging through interview after interview. It’s like first dates. Everyone is on their best behavior and charming … not a good indicator of how the are day-to-day. I ❤ this idea.

    And, I love your writing/editing. Well done!


  2. Sorry here Michelle, but I was removed from the 101 class by mistake and can’t reach you through the group. I was sent an invitation for 201. Can you please change me back to 101? Thanks!


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