All Your Soap Are Belong to Us

I know there are ways in which the internet serves this purpose, but sometimes I’d like to have an old-fashioned, in-person consciousness raising session. Have a few drinks, expose the intricate control mechanisms of the patriarchy, order a pizza, check out our vulvas with hand mirrors. You know, the usual. (You’d need to supply your own hand mirror.)

Anyway, a further thought: the whole #FBrape thing highlights two separate (but entwined) issues:

  1. Facebook’s differential treatment of women’s health content and hateful anti-woman images/speech.
  2. Advertisers content to shill their products on pages that are essentially hate speech.

On the first, I continue to think that ditching Facebook is the way to go, until either the hate content comes down and/or the health content stays up — no cherry-picking who gets full freedom of expression or how to implement what should be pretty clear guidelines on hate speech; that’s where you start to look like an asshole. On the second, I’m all for pressuring advertisers to ditch Facebook until they do, so keep up the good work on that front.

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