My Review of the Oscars

1. I was not aware that Edgar Winters does sound, editing, set direction, and other sundry jobs for 75% of all films. Busy man.

2. Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the “writing” team hate women. Also they are shitty writers, because taking pot-shots at women is the laziest form of comedy, even lazier than puns.

3. Kristen Chenoweth is insufferable, but possibly also cute as a button.

4. I missed the part where Jack Nicholson turned into The Penguin, and don’t understand why someone with that much money is so reluctant to pay a tailor.

5. It makes me sad to see that Hollywood continues to hold Kristen Stewart hostage, forcing her to be a giant movie star when she is clearly miserable. She’s hobbled, appears not to have bathed in days, and has a constant furtive expression. FREE BELLA.

6. Some rich people gave each other awards.


  1. Edgar Winter yes, I was wondering if the long hair was sort of secret initiation for techies. Bella needs some lexapro. Seth MacFarlene’s jokes sucked however I confess to giggling at the boobie tune. If you put it out there….


  2. If Jack Nicholson would speak the truth it would have been, “Jack! Jack, who are you wearing?” “Why, my bed sheets, of course.”


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