Do Not Panic; The Order of Succession Has Not Changed

Hey, so here’s a thing: I live in California now. San Francisco, to be exact. However, please note that New Jersey remains the King of States at this time, and at all future times. My presence or lack thereof does not diminish its fundamental majesty.


  1. Hey, so here’s a thing. You’ll notice California doesn’t have that “we’re the best!” thing. You’re welcome to locate all royalty and loyalty in Jersey. Most people here are transplants, and revel in finding those from their home. But even the locals (my family has lived in SF for 117 years, 6 generations) just aren’t into rivalry and hierarchy. Witness the sports fans. They’re nothing like the rest of the country. They follow when sportsballers win and all but ignore when they don’t. Live and let live, align where you will, welcome, and yay for your King of States.


    1. Hmm. All the “Welcome to the Best Coast!” text messages I just got from my California-based family are now suspect.

      (Also: New Jersey will always be one of my homes, but my defense of it is done with tongue firmly in cheek at all times.)

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  2. Welcome to California. If I knew you were here, I would have driven down to get my Blogging 101 questions answered. Oh, I forgot! Driving (parking) in the “city” sucks. At least you won’t have to sleep in the airport for 30 Hrs for the runway to be cleared of snow. 🙂


  3. Oh Michele! How I love what you are doing here on wordpress! So much so, that I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Mazel Tov! Enjoy and have at it! I will keep on reading. You rock!


  4. Agreed. I also am a NJ native that has relocated to GA. Most of my family has relocated from NJ to the Southeast. They either pretend or really don’t understand my love for our home state.


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