Yes, yes, *so* hilarious.

Is this an actual product for sale on Amazon, or just an example of seven words that should never go together?

Hilarious Naughty Stripper Poll Dancer Garden Gnome

(Answer: ugh.)


  1. I wonder what it looks like? There are three possibilities – the most hilarious being a garden-gnome that twirls around the pole, stripping and being naughty. That’s the antithesis of sexuality.


  2. Did the seller purposely kick up the perversity a notch by misspelling pole? Thanks Amazon — I can’t unsee the filthy little gnome being played by the 93-year-old election worker at my polling place, the woman who checks my voter ID each year with a hostile eye, bent on disenfranchising me. Only now she’s wearing nothing but pasties and shaking what God and her momma gave her, while I tuck a wrinkled dollar bill into . . . No, I can’t go there! WON’T. GO. THERE. Please, dark Lord, not another sleepless night. (Tear rolls down cheek.) I’ll do better, I swear.

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  3. (Psst, you’re supposed to write a comment…)

    Eh? What? Oh, I’m sorry. Last thing I remember, I was looking at a description of an Amazon product, and then my brain had some sort of… of… partial meltdown, or something.


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