We don’t do things by half-measures in the King of States.

Maybe we don’t want to live in Amsterdam right now, but we’re still hankering for a change. I am therefore pleased to announce that we are opting to go FULL JERSEY, and as of July 1, you are all invited to our huge, awesome loft four blocks from the beach in Asbury Park whenever you would like to visit. Please note that “Born to Run” will be playing on a 24-hour loop, so be prepared for that.


    1. After 11 years of grad school and work in Manhattan, and another three of just hanging out there, I’m ready to not be there for a while!

      Philly, though… there are *lots* of things I need to eat in Philly 🙂

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  1. You are less than half an hour from me. And yet, in another world! I’m in the dregs of suburbia, about 18 miles inland from you. And you are near The Stone Pony, which is where I would have my kid bar mitzvah’d if it didn’t cost a zillion dollars.

    I hate where I live. And I need to move by the end of the summer. Is it kid-friendly in Asbury?


    1. A Stone Pony bar mitzvah: ULTIMATE JERSEY.

      I honestly don’t know about the kid-friendliness, not having any. You definitely see lots of families there on weekends, but I assume they’re most out-of-towners coming for the beach.

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      1. I’m originally from New York, so I’m not sure how I feel about *ultimate Jersey* but I do like Asbury!

        Something tells me I’m stuck inland until my son graduates.
        Are you really throwing this party?


      1. Recently? I missed the opportunity to meet you. Have you thought about living here? If you were here in the last weeks I’m pretty sure the weather discouraged you. Plus the tsunami of tourists. Plus bad services culture. But there are other good things though.


        1. Yes, the plan had been to stay long term; my husband and I both got our BSNs and residency permits. In the end, though, it didn’t feel like the right decision for us.


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