Lovely nostalgia, or BLATANT LINK FARM?

Once upon a time, I had another blog that was sort-of-but-not-entirely about food. I was looking for one of my recipes this morning, ended up re-reading several of my old posts, and was delighted to discover that I’m still proud of them. More importantly, having this record of what I was experiencing, thinking, and feeling throughout some pretty tumultuous years is a gift that keeps on giving — a reminder that I can power through hard times, have had more good times than I sometimes remember, and have always had a powerful voice, no matter what.

Huzzah for blogging, and happy Sunday to me.


  1. How come you stopped sort-of-but-not-entirely blogging about food? And that cornbread looks darn good, though I’m not sure if the recipe does call for panties in a bunch that I can help out. I’ve been told “happy wife, happy life” and I plan on sticking to that formula (she wears the panties).


    1. I didn’t need to any more. That blog was an outlet at a time that I very much needed one. It helped me figure out what I wanted to do with myself, and then helped me get there. Once that happened, I didn’t need to write a food blog — which is an expensive, time-comsuming labor of love — any more. I loved writing it, but honestly don’t miss it now.


    2. Also, I much prefer “happy people, happy life,” or “let’s all respectfully support one another’s emotional needs regardless of sex or marital status,” although I realize that it’s much less catchy.

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  2. The Chicken Divan recipe- Paula Seen, I think, will always be a classic.
    My mom fixed a similar one when I was growing up, and I hated it.


  3. I miss the food posts … and go back to them from time to time when I’m looking for something new. One recipe that’s in my standard rotation is your Spanish Tortilla πŸ™‚ I wowed a friend from France with that when he came to visit. Thanks for keeping it around Michelle!


  4. I keep it in my feed reader hoping that one day you’ll drop in to be appropriately profane or perhaps link to something else I want to eat. I read that blog ALL THE TIME and we still make that balsamic pepper orzo thing pretty regularly.


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