“Iceberg Hunters” Is Totally a Real Show

No, really. They sail their fishing boat out to some big ol’ icebergs, and they shoot at the icebergs with guns. Apparently, you can harvest the ice that breaks off and sell it to bottled water producers.

  • First, they circle the iceberg several times. I assume they are attempting to confuse it so it will make a mistake.
  • Then, they shoot the iceberg. With regular rifles, such as one might use to shoot tin cans off a fence, or Dick Cheney’s hunting companion in the face.
  • Next, the iceberg laughs at them, because IT IS AN ICEBERG, not a pile of ice that came out of your home freezer.
  • Then, the hunters eat lunch while waiting to see what happens.
  • Eventually, the iceberg throws them a bone and sheds a miniscule piece of ice, but not from the section that was shot, just to prove who the boss is in this scenario.

During all this, the hunters are accompanied by a film crew made up of people who go home and drink themselves into a stupor every night because they couldn’t get hired by Deadliest Catch and they’ll never get to hang out with Mike Rowe.

Yes, I watched one-half of one episode, so you wouldn’t have to. You’re welcome.


  1. They shoot the berg,harvest the “kill”,take it to the bottling plant,no worry about lead poison or any germs.If processed it takes something away from pure.


  2. Just watching an episode… A lot of drama! The young guy with angel voice just made sandwiches with chips, because he got mad at the other two guys for eating eggs!


  3. I woulda thought that the ice’d be a tad salty to drink, after hitting the water. But then, i lack a lot of brains. So much so that i’ve subjected myself to this shot, then read a blog discussing it, then commented on said blog.


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